At Chapel Lane, leadership roles aren’t limited to clergy and staff.  A wide range of opportunities allows  members to lead by sharing their time and talents. An overview of the various opportunities is below, with links to pages with additional information.

The Session is the governing body of the church, an important expression of our Presbyterian heritage and identity. The Session is composed of Ruling Elders and the Pastor, who serves as Moderator. Elders are members of the congregation who are elected to three-year terms and are ordained to their work of service.

The Board of Deacons guides the compassionate ministries of the church. Deacons are elected by the congregation and are ordained. Their mission includes, but is not limited to, contacting members in need or with special concerns, maintaining a tape ministry that offers recordings of worship services to people who are sick or homebound, and overseeing Mission Outreach programs.

Committees of the Session*

Chapel Lane has committees (also called boards) that operate under the direction of the Session to organize and oversee the work of the church. The committees are:

•    Christian Education
•    Membership and Growth
•    Personnel and Office Management
•    Stewards and Finance
•    Worship

*The pastor is an ex-officio member of all committees.

Membership includes the privileges of voting on important matters, electing officers and serving on church committees.

Other opportunities for leadership exist as well, whether for a one-time-only church-wide event, such as preparing and leading a liturgy, as youth did for the church’s fiftieth anniversary in October 2010, or by active participation in a higher judicatory of the Presbyterian Church (USA), such as the Presbytery of Lake Huron, the Synod of the Covenant, or the General Assembly. 


October 23, 2018

Chapel Lane:  #989-631-2081

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SUNDAY WORSHIPSee the Worship Times and Worship Bulletin pages for more information on each service and check our calendar for special service times.



Prayer Request

If you have a prayer request for a family, a friend or yourself, please send us your concern or joy and we will communicate your request through our prayer chain. 


Afternoon Circle

Please note that the Afternoon Circle meets on the third Monday of each month, in the church library, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Evening Circle

The Evening Circle meets at 7:00 p.m. at a member's home on the first Monday of each month. Consult the Worship Bulletin or call the Church Office for details.



About Presbyterians

Find out about the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the history of this wonderful organization on our About the Presbyterian Church page.

 Learn more at the Synod of the Covenant and the Presbytery of Lake Huron websites.




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