Christian Education

Elder Paul Teed, Chairperson;

Jan Sutherland - 2019

Ann Moe - 2018

Holly Roenicke - 2017

Sarah Wildfong - 2017


Ex-officio: Director of Christian Education

Gifts & Memorials

Dan Veresh, Chairperson

Carol Rowe - 2017

Shirley McCutchen - 2018

Nancy McGilliard - 2018


Ex-officio: Pastor Rhonda Myers



Membership & Growth

Nancy Frederixon, Chairperson;

Mary Lou Kelly - 2017

Jennifer Mayer - 2017

Chris Powell - 2019

Barb Boyer -


Ex-officio: Financial Secretary


Nominating Committee

Elder Harry White, Chairperson;


Members at Large:

Bill Coats - 2017

Judy Brauer - 2017

Joyce Osborne - 2017


Personnel & Office Management

Sally Ginter-Coats, Chairperson;


Ex-officio: Joyce Glover, Office Administrator



Stewards & Finance

Elder Harry White, Chairperson (Finance), (President of the Corporation);

Al Adams - 2017

Art Beagle - 2017

Butch Brauer - 2019

Kyle Clark - 2019


Ex-officio: Bill Coats, Treasurer





Karla Beagle - 2017

Cathy Starch - 2017

Ron Hynds - 2017

Nancy Newman - 2017

James Winkler - 2019


Ex-officio: Karen Graef, Director of Music

Chapel Lane

Ph: 989-631-2081

5501 Jefferson Avenue

Midland, MI 48640



See the Worship Times and Worship Bulletin pages for more information on each service and check our calendar for special service times.



Come to the Sermons section to listen to or download a podcast of a recent sermon.


Prayer Request

If you have a prayer request for a family, a friend or yourself, please send us your concern or joy and we will communicate your request through our prayer chain.


Afternoon Circle

Please note that the Afternoon Circle meets on the third Monday of each month, in the church library, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Evening Circle

The Evening Circle meets at 7:00 p.m. at a member's home on the first Monday of each month. Consult the Worship Bulletin or call the Church Office for details.


About Presbyterians

Find out about the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the history of this wonderful organization on our About the Presbyterian Church page.



Learn more at the Synod of the Covenant and the Presbytery of Lake Huron websites.